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August 6, 2005
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Tears by Mershell Tears by Mershell
POV-Ray, as usual. This was an excessively slow scene, and the area lights and photon caustics didn't help much. I want to learn to use radiosity, but not on this image.
It's just another random lathe design. Incidentally, it coincided with a friend of mine being dismally sad because her boyfriend broke up with her after 2 1/2 years.
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SnakeEater251 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2005
Sweetness... I like =) But then again I like how glass looks =P
Mershell Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2005   Digital Artist
I love glass too... must be a shininess/refraction thing... or something that must extend to when I was a kid and I wasn't allowed to touch glass stuff because my mom was afraid I'd break it... maybe I just made that up, but it could be true.
dawncrow Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2005   Photographer
They remind me of glass hershey's kisses...or pawns knocked over on a chessboard. The reflections and glow underneath the glassy pieces are really gorgeous.
digitalJackalnz Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2005
I find radiosity sometimes faster than area lighting

Radiosity requires 2 things:
1) a skysphere, usually a blue shade, use one of the sky textures from and you'll be fine.

2) a radiosity declaraition, things are easier if you use the lib,
Rad_Settings(Radiosity_Final, on, on)

the above uses the _MOST_ anally retentive radiosity method, and uses media and surface normal effects,
all you need now is +QR :D
Mershell Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2005   Digital Artist
I use PNGs everywhere on my own system, but I distribute JPEGs to be considerate of other people's space and bandwidth.
10:1 compression, for a marginal quality loss that's especially low with 1x1x1 sampling, seems more than worth it.
Sorry, but "much better quality" is an extreme exaggeration, and "small bandwidth difference" is going to work out to be about 10 times the transfer time.
The comparison, to me, is like MP3/Vorbis vs. WAV.
digitalJackalnz Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2005
ah, but some (like me) can see Jpeg artifacts a mile off :/
yes, even back on a CRT screen i could see them.
Its like somebody got a paintbrush, and painted the edges with acid, it complete reverses what anti-aliasing was intended to acheive!.

but i do keep forgetting those poor suckers back on dialup take 5 minutes a meg. ^_^
Computers: the only place where Quality = Quantity ;), more quality needs more data.
digitalJackalnz Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2005
oh yeah, if you can afford the small bandwidth difference, use PNG instead of Jpegs, much better quality ;). You dont get compression artifacts around the edges of objects that way.
cabra Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2005
justinaerni Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2005  Professional Traditional Artist
Looks amazing. :) I love the colors and the reflections.
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