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Starburst III by Mershell Starburst III by Mershell
Once again, this doesn't totally fit in Fractal Art. Oh well. Where do you put work like this that's from equations?

This is also from the software I'm writing, which I'll call Acidity because I have no other name for it, from an algorithm I'm just calling "Starburst" because "angularly polar attractors" doesn't mean much.
Working 9 hours at the liquor store in a grocery involves about 8 hours of standing around doing nothing. I thought up the algorithm while I was there and scribbled it on the back of some paper bags.
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dawncrow Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2005   Photographer
Shiny.... 8)

I like this. The colors blend very nicely, and I actually get the impression of those grocery store laser scanners at the checkout lanes. Perhaps a subconscious inspiration, lol? Seriously,'s really pretty.
parrotdolphin Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
This turned out very pretty. It fascinates me that you can make art from math. Especially math you are thinking up in a liquor store - that also seems kinda funny to me. Oh well, I'm easily amused I guess. Thanks, too, becasue your art (math?) really inspired me to check out mathematical surfaces.
Mershell Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2005   Digital Artist
Working at the liquor store offers me lots of time where I can think in a nearly uninterrupted way - same as at school, when I've got scrap paper everywhere and I can work on things without looking like I am. Maybe it's a little weird that I'm at the liquor store in the first place, being 18. Whatever the case, when I'm supposed to be doing mundane work, the ideas hit me for random things.

Math-based as it is, I just regard it as art with a different canvas. The equations and programs don't write themselves, and there are millions of ways to visualize them and change parameters around.
parrotdolphin Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
The liquor store sounds like a good job to me, getting paid for doing your own thing! I had a job like that at a gas station (a long time ago) and I could get most of my homework done there - it was great! And you're right, the art just starts with math, but then you still have to take it somewhere.
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July 29, 2005
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